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So, what's this thing do?

If you have a DVB-S (Digital Video Broadcast / Satellite) PCI adapter supported by the driver from LinuxTV in your Linux system, this will allow you to receive (i.e. listen to) and record audio streams from this adapter. The incoming MPEG-1 layer II audio data is decompressed and fed to XMMS which can then in turn process it any way it pleases. At the same time the plugin can optionally write the original MPEG stream to file for archiving or further processing at a later time.

Ok, sounds interesting. What do I need?

That would be:

These need to be installed and functional in your system. If you're dabbling around with MP3s chances are the latter two are already there, and if you are actually in posession of Hauppauge / Siemens / TechnoTrend DVB-S adapter, you more than likely already have installed the driver in question as well. In that case, you're basically set.

Yeah yeah yeah, I got all that. So what now?

Download the source code (preferably the most recent one) from the SourceForge download page and build it. The source package comes with the usual GNU autoconf / automake stuff, so building it should be pretty straightforward.

Once it's installed you should be set. Have a look at the README file included with the package for basic instructions on how to use the plugin.

Hmmmmm ... I have a question / suggestion.

Did you look at the README? Yes? Didn't find what you were looking for? Then how about visiting our SourceForge forum and post your comment there? No? Don't want to drag it out into the public? Then you can also drop me e-mail.

I tried it, and man, this thing ROCKS!

Glad I could be of service. How about helping out a bit making it even better? Be it coding, writing documentation or other stuff, there always is stuff to be done. And even if you can't do any of that -- how about spreading the word? That in itself will help a lot! But at least let me know, either by e-mail or by posting a comment to our SourceForge forum.

I tried it, but your shit SUCKS!

Terribly sorry you feel this way. But that's about it. You are already getting a lot more than you paid for, so if you want more / something else / something better, you'll have to do it yourself. That's what the source is for, you know ...

If, on the other hand, you can provide me with constructive criticism, feel free to do the e-mail or forum thingy mentioned above.