March 9th, 2005

Uhm, no, no new release, I'm afraid -- just an update letting you know that the project isn't dead. But since the plugin seems to do its job quite nicely for most people (or so I am lead to believe) including myself, there is very little motivation for me to mess with it.

The main things that I have been asked about are:

To answer the former, well, DVB-T isn't available yet in the area where I'm located, and won't be for some time to come. Once it's here, it's quite likely that I will add support for it to the code. Until then, you'll just have to wait, unless someone else decides to do the changes and sends me the patches.

For the latter, well, the obvious answer would be: XMMS-embedded, yet another project hosted by the fine people at SourceForge. Then again a lot of people seem to just want a simple solution without having to install lots of packages. As a convenience for them, I decided to provide my statically linked VLC executable for the Sharp Zaurus here. While it's fairly big, it's just a neat all-in-one solution for all your streaming playback needs (if you're running one of the original Sharp ROMs).

On top of that, I decided to update these pages to use more contemporary code, relying more on CSS and getting rid of those dreadful tables. I hope it meets with your approval.

April 7th, 2004

XMMS DVB Input Plugin Version 0.5.0 (finally!) released. This latest release fixes some minor bugs and adds support for retrieval and display of EPG (Electronic Program Guide) information for the selected service (if provided by the broadcaster).

Sorry it took so long, but due to some major remodeling work I was without decent satellite reception for quite some time -- and I didn't want to release anything I wasn't able to test.

July 16th, 2003

A quick note to anyone who might be interested: it seems SourceForge support has fixed an issue I had with the CVS repository for the project, so now online access to the CVS via the web interface as well as anonymous CVS is finally working. Yay! Thanks to the guys at SourceForge once again. For details on how to access the CVS see the summary page.

I also uploaded a screenshot that shows the dialogs the plugin offers for configuration and information. No real page for it yet, just the plain image here.

July 13th, 2003

XMMS DVB Input Plugin Version 0.4.0 released. This release will also handle audio services under conditional access (obviously using the appropriate CAM and smartcard). In addition a feature was added to retrieve track info when listening to the MAD Music services provided by Nova / NetMed on 13° east.

July 2nd, 2003

XMMS DVB Input Plugin Version 0.3.0 released. New in this version is the capability for automatic splitting of the recording file by energy. This useful feature provides an excellent mechanism for automated archiving of radio broadcasts.

June 30th, 2003

Extended the original micro-mini home page to the one you are seeing right now. It's still not much, and the design is not exactly original, but it's all I could come up with on such short notice.

June 27th, 2003

XMMS DVB Version 0.2.0 released. Aside from some minor cleanup of the code it includes several new features such as service selection by SID, retrieval and display of the service name and automatic splitting of the recording file after a given interval.

June 26th, 2003

Decided to turn the whole thing into a bona fide Open Source Project just out of spite and registered it with SourceForge. That's what you get for turning me into a spurned genius! Muahahaha ...

In this context I would like to extend my gratitude to SourceForge for accepting my project so quickly, allowing me to publish the initial release the very same day.

June 20th, 2003

Had the insane idea that this just might be useful to someone else, so I decided to ask if there was any interest in such a plugin in the XMMS discussion forums.

Obviously I was overwhelmed by the enthusiastic response the project got ... ahem. Well, to be honest, no takers so far.

June 18th, 2003

While looking for an easy way to stream a radio broadcast received via DVB-S PCI adapter to an Icecast server for internal redistribution, I decided to turn some code for capturing DVB audio broadcasts that I had previously written into a plugin for the popular X MultiMedia System.

Together with LiveIce XMMS this formed an easy to use solution for the problem at hand.